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Adjusting your chest and chest binder

After getting your binder on, now comes down to making adjustments. Everyone has a different body shape so adjustments may differ among individuals.First, try to adjust the binder so that it’s aligned to your body. If you have a Velcro binder,

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What to look for when selecting the “Right” Chest Binder

Often times when we receive emails of our fans, giving thanks to us and showing us love and support for doing what we do. It is all the more reason why we feel it is super important to spread the words about healthy binding!Binding really is an &ldqu

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Chest Binder Wash & Care

Steps to washing and caring your binders1. Attach two pieces of the Velcro/Zipper/Buckle2. Turn the binder inside out3. Place the binder inside a washing net and zip up the washing net4. Wash the binder on low to medium spin in the washing machine5.

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How to Wear Chest Binders

How to Wear Velcro Binders1. Put the head opening of the binder over your head. 2. Put in your right hand.3. Use your left hand to pull forward the soft side of the velcro.4. Use your right hand to pull forward the rough side of the velcro.5. At

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Long Binder vs Short Binder

Okay, let’s talk about long vs. short binders. We’ll start with the long binders. Long binder extends down to just above the hips (the actual length may differ with style). It works really well when wearing under dress shirts and giving o

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