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A different part of the gender spectrum yet to explore

We were able to meet Kiki Febriyanti in the Love Boat Shop, she is the Indonesian director of Calalai, a film about the 5 gender module in the Bugis society in Indonesia. 

The film Calalai is about the shamanIC and spiritual healing of the Bugis community. Because of the shamanic and spiritual healing topic of the film and the work that we do regarding LGBTQ healing, plus the study of spirituality on the gender spectrum, we had conversations about healing, and how healing ties into the gender spectrum.  

It must have been something magical that we met, because we were already researching the topic of two-spirited (可陰可陽) before meeting Kiki. Bissu, sanro, and calalai, were essentially the same culture construct but in a different part of the world. "In the Bugis society, androgynous bissu are priests, shamans, sorcerers, or mediums", described by Wikipedia, this was very similar to many aboriginal tribes from Northern America, Taiwan, Southeast Asia, and many more. It was believe that embodiment of non-binary gender expression leads one closer to the ways of the heaven and earth. And these deep connections can allow one to connect more freely with nature's healing ability.

Our conversation with Kiki on the spiritual spectrum lead us to the healing work we do, and Kiki decided to try out Light Healing. Light Healing is a form of healing using specially treated Coral Reef stones to balance the energy of the body. Those who receives Light Healing may feel more calm, and relaxed. After Light Healing, Kiki shared with us that she felt the amazing energy and saw how this ties in to the world of soul healing. A truly amazing experience nonetheless, it must have been destiny in its course.

I was honored to view Kiki's film Calalai. And below is how I felt after watching the film.

"Souls are free, body and mind are not so free. Because of boundaries, physical restrictions, social constructs and circumstances that triggers detachment from our soul, causing us to not be able to live in full unity of the Body, Mind and Soul. 21st century is a century of mutuality and coexistence, different from 20th century's binary and an "either or" mindset. The spirituality and ways of the indigenous Bissu, Sanro, etc. all continues to inherited into the ways of the 21st century. Here we can see how we are all connected and tied to one another, including, universe, spiritual world, human world, plants, and animals."

It is reassuring to know that we as a community were fabulous even before we knew we were. 

Here is Calalai's Trailer

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