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The biggest Pride in Asia - 2017 15th Taiwan LGBT Pride

Mark your calendar and book your flight tickets for Taiwan Pride, the biggest LGBT event in Asia. This year 2017 the event will be held on Saturday October 28th. This annual event is marked by tens of thousands of people parading through the city, plus numerous after-parties and special events. All are welcome to participate.

Presidential Palace: Kaida Gran Avenue

Gathering time 13:30

Parade departure time 14:30

So, these were the pride information for 2017, and on the day before pride, we had friends from different parts of the world, meeting up and catching up at the Love Boat Café Salon. First the group from Hong Kong and Japan were here and we were super excited to see them again! 

Onto the day of pride, we had a meet up to head to Pride. 

And we're off!

Join us for next year's pride in 2018! Email us and let us know if you are flying in!

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