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Rivila Spiritual Chakra Water Essential Oil (7 Bottles)

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[Gaea] Root Chakra 

Life Lessons: Life, safety, grounding.

Associations: Mother Earth, birth, rooting, and invigorating.

Main Ingredients: Rose, ylang ylang, vetiver, and cinnamon.

Volume: 50ML

[Hera] Spleen Chakra

Life Lessons: Trust, abundance, and selflessness.

Associations: Family, sex, desire, relationships and joy.

Main Ingredients: Orange, lemongrass, and neroli.

Volume: 50ML

[Apollo] Solar Plexus Chakra

Life Lessons: Path, courage, and action.

Associations: Self identity, confidence, and sense of direction.

Main Ingredients: Grapefruit and rosemary.

Volume: 50ML

[VenusHeart Chakra

Life Lessons: Release, love, and compassion.

Associations: Grand love, positive flow, unity.

Main Ingredients: Eucalyptus, cedar wood, and pine.

Volume: 50ML

[Poseidon] Throat Chakra

Life Lessons: Communication, connection, and expression.

Associations: Balance, inner voice, relaxation, and higher wisdom.

Main Ingredients: Geranium and peppermint.

Volume: 50ML

[Hemera] Third Eye Chakra

Life Lessons: Intuition, focus and clarity.

Associations: Inner peace, soul, spiritual wisdom, and creativity.

Main Ingredients: Patchouli, myrrh, and frankincense.

Volume: 50ML

[Athena] Crown Chakra

Life Lessons: Sublimation, wisdom, and Grand Central Sun.

Associations: Awareness of higher connection, spiritual path, and fulfillment.

Main Ingredients: Lavender and jasmine.

Volume: 50ML

Each Rivila Essential Oil sits in the light infused spectrum box and awakens by it's user.

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